January 15, 2017

Black and white

Photos by  Iakovos Ioannidis

Thanks for location The caravan

January 13, 2017

A snowy fairytale

 EN: This winter Greece have received an amazing gift from the Universe - snow! 
And nothing can be better for me than it. 
So these days we spend outdoors as much as it possible and enjoy every minute. It's a real snowy fairytale.
Definitely it is the best gift of this winter!
For such occasion I wore my new yeti coat - so warm and cosy!
RU: Этой зимой Греция получила потрясающий подарок от Вселенной- снег!
Определенно лучший подарок!
Поэтому все эти дни мы максимально проводим на улице и наслаждаемся каждой минутой! Ведь особенно ценишь то, чего не имеешь в достатке.
По такому случаю я надела свою новую йети-шубку- очень тёплую и уютную!

Yeti coat - Compania Fantastica
Fur keychain- Haute acorn

January 6, 2017

New Year, new colors, new styles

Fur coat - Shein
Choker- Shein
Skirt- Shein
Bag- Guess
Top- my design


It's time for new wishlists and articles about interesting shops.
I have already written reviews about Stylewe  and now I want to show you simple cheap overalls which are still in trends and are very comfortable for winter and spring because except nice modern look it helps you to keep yourself in warmth.
So, let's start.

1                                 2                                         3
4                    5                        6                         7

Check Stylewe blog. There you can find many interesting articles in English about most desirable topics for girls. For example here is one  with the name How to cut bangs hairstyle 
Very useful article for those who can't live without changes .
Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

January 3, 2017

Luxurious and tired

En: The first post in New 2017 Year and I want to start it with our photoshoot with Iakovos Ioannidis.
When it becomes too boring to make just streetstyle photoshoots.
I wish you always to move, to try something new and one day  you will reach the new heights.

Ru: Первый пост в 2017 году и я хочу поделиться результатом одной из последних работ с греческим фотографом.
Когда становится скучно снимать просто стритстайл.
Желаю вам всегда двигаться и пробовать что-то новое 
и однажды вы достигнете новых высот!

Dress- Vipme,  Earrings- Vipme, Heels- Stradivarius

Photos by  Iakovos Ioannidis

Thanks for location The caravan